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Things you want to know about your boyfriend

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These deep relationship questions will give you a better idea about your boyfriend's relationship history and a hint about how your own relationship might turn. Moving in together is a major move forward in any relationship, so don't go into it blindly.

Your boyfriend's answers to these revealing questions should help you determine if the two of you tinder gold vs plus enough basic compatibility to live together on a daily basis.

If you reach the stage where the two of you are talking about marriage, it's time to discuss major life issues before you thngs engaged - not.

20 Things to Ask Your Boyfriend to Get to Know the Real Him

Asking your partner these future questions could save you from the heartache of a broken engagement or, worse, a future divorce. Try not to jump to any immediate conclusions during your question-and-answer episodes.

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Instead, take a day or two to mull over his answers and decide where you want the relationship to go. Think about what's important to you in terms of your current relationship.

While you won't want to thinga his answers chosen for him horney amature of time, you will want to think about what kind of answer you'd like him to.

Think about which points are non-negotiable, and which issues you are willing to compromise on. If you find his answers are not compatible with yours more often than not, you may want to cut your losses early. Of course there are always ways to compromise when someone is very special to you.

Is their family religious? Do they want a cat or a dog?

+ Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend | PairedLife

Which friend have they known the longest? What childhood memory do they always bring up? Do they think of themselves as extroverted or introverted? Do other people think of them as extroverted or introverted? Do they want children?

What do they think of long term commitments, marriage, etc.? Do they like foreplay?

Fantastic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend | LoveToKnow

Are they a light sleeper? Do they like to cuddle while they sleep?

Which celebrity do they find most attractive? How do they wind down at the end of a long day? Do they drink every day? Would they ever mexican transexual to live abroad? Do they still have their wisdom teeth?

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What do they like on pizza? Do they have severe allergies and what are they? If they went to college, what did they study? Do they believe in God?

That's a very high standard to hold my relationship to, I know, but that's how I want it to be. And I've found that with these things to ask your boyfriend, I have been. Even if it feels like you know your partner inside and out, the funny thing about being in a long-term relationship is that you're always learning. How well do you know your other half? And I mean really know them. Not the usual crap that you ask when you first start talking to them, like their college course.

In an ideal world, how many times a week would they want to have sex? What are they currently reading?

Look Sex Hookers Things you want to know about your boyfriend

Are they conscious about saving money? What is their ideal date night? Where were they born?

How do they take their coffee? What is the one thing you could say to make them start arguing with you?

Married Wants Real Sex Elizabethtown

What is their astrological sign? What is their favorite season?

What amount of PDA are they comfortable with?