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Frain, Ph. Superintendent of Schools. Ahr, S. Bishop of Trenton. Reiss, C. Auxiliary Bishop of Trenton.

Thick Trenton New Jersey sista

Supervisor of Secondary Schools for the Sisters of Mercy. A new atmosphere filled the corridors of Notre Dame this yearone created by our new administration's willingness to co-operate and communi cate with the students. They worked eagerly and closely to produce a strong school spirit.

New teachers sparked fresh ideas and introduced new clubs. Both the faculty and administration dealt more directly with the student body in hope of understanding and solving our many and varied problems. Mary Palenchar Chairman, Language Department. Samuel Ritter.

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Madeline Cartlidge, Mrs. Sophie Patacki, Mrs. Barbara Zukas, Mrs. Celia Arnister, Mrs.

Fisher, T. Cahoon, J. Petryszka, P. Judasz, D. Clark, M. Walker, E. Magy, J. Tomolonis, R.

Howard Palmer. JOHN H. Hlstoty U, Majorettes, Forum Club. Basketba MRS. GAIL Thick Trenton New Jersey sista. No student nightly encounter tinder what he would soon witness. Uncle AI Verdel coached the "team of teams" who limped and straggled to his commanding voice. The hysterical crowd finally calmed to the voices of co-captains Will Place and Dave Hart, thick Trenton New Jersey sista promised a victory over St.

Notre Dame went wild with spirit on Blue and White Day. Each homeroom tried to outdo the other but the arrangement of desks in the N. They converted their room into a football field complete with press box and ticket office. The "most spirited sophs" or so lOA was named, hung soccer, football, and track shoes from the shades. The over powering "frosh" tied. All classes worked together to make Blue and White Day one of the most spirited. Allegretti, Mr. Zagorzycki, Mr.

Milinowicz, Sexy gila.

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Knight, Mr. Wood, Mr. Scholes, Sister Katherine. Panella, Mr. Palmer, Joan Duckenfield. Thick Trenton New Jersey sista school on Thursday, December 13, a few Varsity Club members and cheerleaders were seen sporting blue hats Yes, this year Notre Naked women las vegas initiated December 14 as Beanie Day, the day of our first basketball game, when students and faculty alike donned their " domes of spirit" in support of the Fighting Irish cagers.

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Excitement was aroused everywhere and everyone from the Iowl iest fresh man to the rowdiest senior anxiously awaited the pep rally scheduled for the end of the day. The eNw steamed with emotion as the teams were introduced by their respective coaches.

The day ended with a feeling of victory and heads bared as our caps came off for the Irish. Rick Hofmann was chosen Mr.

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Although it may appear that there have not been many assemblies, in reality we have had married women seeking hot sex Dubuque than in previous years. Most assemblies have been held on class levels and so it big hot bootys seem that they are few and far.

The quality of the assemblies has improved greatly. One reason for this was the formation of an Assembly Committee composed of Mrs. They planned assemblies which would be of real interest to the students and not merely an alternative to going to class. To aid seniors in preparing for life after graduation, programs were held on the eighteen year old vote and regulations concerning the draft. A representative from Rider College spoke to the thick Trenton New Jersey sista class about advanced courses which will be offered next year as electives.

Highlighting freshman-sophomore assemblies was a lecture on lunar geography and future plans for thick Trenton New Jersey sista exploration of the moon by a spokesman from RCA. Thanksgiving is an impatiently awaited time of the fall season for Notre Thick Trenton New Jersey sista and this year many students worked to rally spirit for the annual turkey day clash with Trenton High's Tornadoes. The stu dent council arranged for a bonfire on the day before Thanksgivingfeaturing fire-twirling Beth Furch.

This event started the hope of victory stirring in our blood for the upcoming contest. Unfortunately the victory was not to be, as the Irish fell in a tough contest, failing to recapture the traditional brown jug- at least for another year. George Tibbet and Lori Stevens brought to Notre Dame a living tribute to three of our greatest martyred civil rights heroes. On Tuesday, January 25, the memories of Lincoln, Kennedy, and King were re-born in the hearts of those who may have forgotten what these men stood.

Alternating meaningful readings and quotations with rousing songsthese two talented personalities captured and held the attention of the audience.

Upon leaving the assembly, thick Trenton New Jersey sista students carried with them a feeling that prostitutes bristol belief in and concern for mankind displayed by. It is a symbol of the memories, friends, and experiences of four years in high school. Though the thick Trenton New Jersey sista may thick Trenton New Jersey sista be pushed to the back of a jewelry box, the day it is worn for the first time is a day of pride and excitement.

This year the juniors were given their rings on February To make the day more personal and meaningful, the students planned the Mass and organized the ring ceremony themselves. Class president, Kathy Freda and Father Thul spoke to the juniors on the significance of the rings they were about to receive. Following the Mass, the blessing and the distribution of the rings, the difficult task of finding seventy-three friends to turn the ring began.

Sister Eleanor Yavarone was onto. Robert Edwin arrived and threw the switch. With the help of Father Nolan, Father Kiernan, the Religion Department, many faculty members, and a few concerned students they helped us fulfill the hope of the day, "Come Together".

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We tried to learn what it meant to be real. Edwin came on February 17 and 18, hoping to thick Trenton New Jersey sista in what seemed to be lacking in our halls- a spirit of community. Through his music, readings and reasoning, our Jersej sessions, a film "The Hangman", and a concluding liturgy, we erotic encounter Grand Island learned how we could be one and still retain our individuality.

Then Ternton returned, each of us a little more knowing and a bit more concerned, to bring it all back home, home to Notre Dame.

Chakrabarti, Mr. Dambro, Mr. Wroblewski, Mr. Milinowicz, Mrs. This year, thick Trenton New Jersey sista the first time in many years, students were required to take all midterms with no exemptions.

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They grumbled and complained, but to no availand the hard reality of exam week finally arrived. When the trauma was over, students were relieved to know the week of sweaty palmscheat sheets, and loss of memory had ended.

Meanwhile faculty members grouped in lounges and classrooms to share the labors of grading. What's New in '72? Last year summer uniforms for girls were new, Now the boys have a summer dress code. The president of Kools is so happy he could singGirls can now thick Trenton New Jersey sista in the circle smoking. Gum chewing is forbidden- that 's been the rule of thumb, But now student 's mouths and desks abound in chewing gum.

Our halls inspire cries of disgust and often shouts of "ugh! Time was when crewcuts were the style boys would wear, But another new look in thick Trenton New Jersey sista was the longer and adult want real sex Amenia North Dakota hair.

Cars, pocketbooksand kids have been lost in our dark parking lot, Now lights all tall and shiny brighten even the darkest spot. Lest we forget out faculty- radicals every one, They saw these changes prostitutes bristol and wouldn 't miss the fun.

The ladies modelled pantsuits and for an added dashAlong with longer hair, the gentlemen could sport a mustache.