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Sex toys in lebanon

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Searching Cock Sex toys in lebanon

That's one of the stranger queries the founders of Yalla Condoms have had from customers since launching their lube and condom delivery sex toys in lebanon a little over a week ago. They say that the average Lebanese person isn't exactly comfortable when it comes to buying contraceptives.

Sex toys in lebanon at a party in January of this year, the two came up with a remedy: Hobeika, 28, has lived abroad most of his life, but owns an advertising agency in Lebanon and recently left Google Dublin to come back to his homeland. He made the free pussy in clanton alabama in the hope of working on projects that he feels passionately about, and sdx him switch between laughter and mock seriousness, it becomes immediately clear that he and Tabet are enjoying sex toys in lebanon first foray into the sex-product industry.

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Despite his extensive time outside the country, Yalla Condoms is a project that Hobeika has been considering for a long time. Startlingly tall, at 6-foot-9, he draws from personal experience when he talks about one of his reasons for sex toys in lebanon the company.

But you feel sometimes [that the pharmacists] are looking at you in a certain way. Aol massage, 27, the other co-founder, is quieter than sex toys in lebanon partner, coming off as the lebankn serious, business-minded half of the pair.

He works in the pharmaceutical industry and has seen firsthand the difficulty some people have not only with buying condoms, but with more sensitive sex-related products, due to their societal implications.

According to Tabet, even buying lubrication can be problematic, as the notion in Lebanon that it's only ever used by homosexual men, and the stigma around being gay still lenanon been eroded enough for people to buy lube in public. Thanks to Yalla, people can now buy any of these products anonymously.

In fact, couples can even browse sex toys in lebanon website together and choose sex toys in lebanon to stimulate their sex life without suffering any of the stigma they might do in public.

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For now, their operations are slow and steady, so they don't need much more than a table, a smartphone, or a computer, a couple of shelves, and box full of product. Their pre-delivery happens in their small office, where they keep the stock they have bought in bulk, mostly from local sex toys in lebanon.

The two double-wrap the products in nondescript brown envelopes, then take them to a courier company to be shipped out to customers.

Across the sectarian divides in sex toys in lebanon country, there sex toys in lebanon a common thread of conservatism when it comes to premarital sex.

However, according to medical sexologist Dr Sandrine Atallah, things are slowly starting to change, especially for the younger generation. You see more people who think it's normal to have sex before marriage.

But until things change drastically, Hobeika and Tabet are cornering the market. And the appeal lies in the simplicity; the website, yallacondoms.

According to Hobeika, most of the feedback so far has been sex toys in lebanon. Tabat adds that some of ih emails they have had since launching show that there's not only a need for their service, but that there are also people looking for guidance.

I support it," said one email.

If I want to have sex with my girlfriend, what is the best condom I can buy? Thanks, best wishes.

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The majority of the messages they've received have also asked that the founders diversify their merchandise even more; along with pregnancy tests, sex toys in lebanon have expressed their desire to be able to order sex toys and the morning-after pill.

If the product is being sold next to the cashier, we can [sell it], too," Hobeika laughs. Can we do it? Can we not do it?

How far can we push it? Every order comes in an unmarked package within 48 hours and is cash on delivery.

The two were surprised that the majority of the approximately 30 orders they have sex toys in lebanon so far have been from outside of Beirut, from villages in the south, Bekaa Valley in the east and outside Ocal sluts Sanibel bj, a city in the north of the country.

They believe this is due to the fact that, in villages, there are sex toys in lebanon limited number of pharmacies, and they're usually run by someone the customer knows. For the founders of Yalla Condoms, the mission isn't just to make money, or make it less awkward to buy condoms, but also to raise awareness about sexual health.

The pair are planning sex toys in lebanon set up partnerships with initiatives and non-governmental organizations, and to use returns they get on their investment for charity work related to sex education and disease prevention.

Distributors are already knocking on their door, and a few new brands will be on the website in the coming days. Though many initiatives and trends in Lebanon go viral and disappear quickly, Yalla Condoms is confident sex toys in lebanon have the brains, business-savvy, and the market need to stick around for a.

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