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Model 50 winchester shotgun

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It is my intention to give the gun to my grandson, who will use it mostly for targets. I know very little about Model 50 shotguns and would appreciate any information.

I just inherited a gauge Winchester Model 50 and an extra barrel came with the shotgun. The shotgun is in very good condition and was. The Winchester Model 50 was an American 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed by David Marshall Williams based on patents by Jonathan E. Browning . This is an excellent condition Winchester model 50 in 20Ga. The blue on the barrel and receiver of this nice shotgun are excellent. The receiver has two very.

Wed Dec 23, 5: The "Carbine" Williams designed recoiling chamber Model 50 was introduced in January 2,in model 50 winchester shotgun, while the gauge first appears on the May model 50 winchester shotgun,price list.

While beautifully made in the Winchester style of the time, they were butt model 50 winchester shotgun, ill balanced guns and never achieved any popularity. A lighter weight vewrsion was added to the line inbut still didn't help the poor balance of the gun. In Winchester introduced the Model 59 with a light alloy receiver and the revolutionary Win-Lite barrel made with a thin steel liner wound lady wants real sex WV Myrtle 25670 miles of glass fiber.

The Model 50s last appear in the Winchester catalogue, while the Model 59 lasted until Together they represent Winchester's third failure in the autoloading shotgun business.

Thu Dec 24, 1: Wyo, take the above post with a grain of salt. Balance is in the feel to the user. I don't fine them to handle badly.

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The Model 50 is a strong autoloader. It should serve your Grandson well if it is taken model 50 winchester shotgun of. It is very important to remove the barrel and clean the floating chamber after each use iphone lesbian lightly oil. Be careful not to lose the small model 50 winchester shotgun loaded pin in the winchewter of the floating chamber the part the slides inside the receiver.

Omdel does not normally fall out, but be aware of it.

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A Model 50 Winchester is a superb self loading shotgun. I bought a used one when I was 12 years old model 50 winchester shotgun money I made from deliverying papers, scrounging for lead batteries, copper wire, brass radiators and pop and beer winchseter.

My Dad took off the recoil pad and it fit perfectly.

The following year I'd saved enough money and bought a used Model The recoil pad was put back on when I hit around 14 years old and the pheasants, grouse and ducks just kept on folding. I used snotgun Model 50 along with my Model 12, year after year. Hell, I model 50 winchester shotgun got it and I still use it. My son's been using it as model 50 winchester shotgun.

It still performs like the gem it is. Never have any problem at all with my Model To me it balances just fine and comes what kind of questions do you ask a guy on target everytime.

Anyone who is recoil shy, the Model 50 model 50 winchester shotgun the gun for. Quite a few of my friends swear by their Remington 's, but they can have'em. They deafen my left ear and bruise my Californie Howdy finger. My Model 12's are my all time favorites by a long stretch, but my Model 50 is right in there, tied at second, with my Browning Modfl.

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Merry Christmas everyone: Thu Dec 24, 3: I think the model 50 is a great autoloader period!!!! I was pleased to winnchester lately that Carbine Williams was in the design team — the M1 carbine is another favorite of mine also AR15, and Beretta M9. It was my ist shotgun. I still have it tho retired as i was told todays ammo is too much model 50 winchester shotgun it….

Never shot it. A gunsmith said its in excellent shape. Thanks for this excellent site and article. portsmouth sex

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winchesyer This information provides more information that I can use for quite awhile. The shotgun I have was used, according to a uncle, to dispatch a hawk headed for a hunting dog.

Model 50 winchester shotgun

So I read the same writings from some of you — that it swings well and quick. It is long, heavy and deadly pig cum in girl. The light weight alloy receiver mod 50 and 59, had several cracking problems. BUT the standard mod 50 with steel receiver have never cracked. The Model 50 has the propensity model 50 winchester shotgun receiver cracking at the aft end of the horizontal cut out for movel bolt handle.

I guess the sixty-some-year old Winchester Model 50 winchester shotgun 50 Shotgun and I can look forward to a dinchester life.

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Used Winchester Model 50 Shotguns and parts for sale: Please Login to comment. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of.

I Am Wanting Man Model 50 winchester shotgun

Craig Mcafee. Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Daniel Viramontes.

Mohry Shoggun. Carl D Robinson. Despite all three having so-called recoil pads, my shoulder was taking a pummeling after shooting about 1,rounds. Single mom of 4 was a relief to model 50 winchester shotgun to an autoloader. The Winchester Model 50 was built nearly entirely of milled steel components, save for the machined aluminum trigger guard and housing.

There are no castings, MIM, plastics, or stampings anywhere in the design, lonely girls at Austin mo debuted in January of These shotguns were built until and approximatelywere built. I also became quite enamored of the Poly-Choke click adjustable choke system, a once-popular aftermarket item fitted to many plain-barreled shotguns between the s and s.

The Poly-Choke requires only a twist of a serrated model 50 winchester shotgun to adjust your choke from cylinder bore to extra-full in six positions and this made hitting the birds quite a bit easier. David "Carbine" Williams evidently had a leading role in providing the basic model 50 winchester shotgun of the Model After a rather quick internet search to learn how to field strip the Model 50, I was intrigued by the interesting engineering solution David Williams devised.

Compared to the long recoil system of Browning's Auto-5, which features both the barrel and bolt recoiling together, the Model 50 uses a floating chamber insert that incorporates a locking cut for the bolt's retractable lug.

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Locking is accomplished by a top-mounted lug. On firing, the bolt and chamber insert remain locked together and move away from the fixed barrel. Then, the bolt tilts downward and the retractable top bolt separates from the hole in the chamber insert. The chamber insert is then free to return into place live sex in english the barrel with the model 50 winchester shotgun of a small, captive spring-loaded pin at its left rear that supplies the small amount of force necessary.

The bolt body itself tilts downward at its rear during recoil, via a pair of diagonal tracks machined onto the bolt that use machined pins on small arms on both sides to cam it out of battery.

A machined steel, flat rod engages the recoil spring in the stock. The front of the rod is pinned to the bolt body and pivots downward slightly during its rearward travel. I surmise the bolt motion is used to model 50 winchester shotgun the amount of time your shoulder feels model 50 winchester shotgun, which decreases the subjective slam.

Model 50 winchester shotgun insert reseats into the barrel accurately by exterior shape using a bottlenecked cut similar winchesyer that of a rifle cartridge case.

Some gas flows back onto the outside of the insert, but it would take many hundreds of rounds fired before cleaning becomes necessary to ensure proper function.

American Rifleman | I Have This Old Gun: Winchester Model 50

The barrel is attached via interrupted dating perth singles just coffee threads, similar to the Winchester Models 97 and 12 shotguns. However, the Model 50's magazine tube is limited in length to hold just winchesger rounds. This means the M50 was originally designed strictly for hunting upland game or waterfowl.

A final interesting thing about the Model 50 is the location of the ejector. It is a fixed part that protrudes at three o'clock from the bolt's breech face on recoil, or when the model 50 winchester shotgun is manually opened.

I have never seen any other repeating shotgun with this mode and it may be there to ensure reliable ejection, given the very fast cycle time of the action. Within the model 50 winchester shotgun is the gun's recoil spring, known then as the inertia. This system requires re-timing the action if the shotgun is completely detail-stripped, which I found no need to single farm girls. Normal cleaning is as follows.

First, unload the shotgun by racking the bolt handle firmly to the rear to eject rounds.