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People with depression often seek help from family and friends and public health campaigns frequently encourage such help seeking behaviours. However, there has been little systematically collected gratis date data concerning the effects of such informal help seeking.

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The current study sought to investigate the views of consumers about i am seeking someone who can help advantages and disadvantages of seeking support from family and friends for depression. Participants were the subset of respondents to a survey, sent to randomly selected members of an Australian electoral community, who indicated that they had sought help for depression from family or friends.

One item on the survey asked participants to indicate the advantages or disadvantages of seeking help from family or friends. A coding system was developed based on a content analysis of the responses to the item.

Each of the responses was then coded by two raters. Respondents identified both advantages and disadvantages of seeking support from hot israel sex. Family and friends are well placed to provide support which consumers perceive to be positive and which can assist them in obtaining i am seeking someone who can help mental health treatment.

However, the input of some family members may be unhelpful or toxic. There may be benefits in undertaking community education and destigmatisation programs which target carers. Members of the public frequently perceive sources of informal help e. Indeed, some studies have reported that the public prefers such help ahead of support from formal sources [ 12 ] and particularly formal mental health sources [ 6 ].

Moreover, there is some evidence that perceived positive support from friends and family members or other informal sources is associated with improved recovery among consumers with a depressive disorder [ 78 ].

It so,eone perhaps not surprising then that help seeking from family and friends is often encouraged in mental health promotion campaigns.

However, some researchers have expressed the concern that informal help seeking i am seeking someone who can help be unhelpful or harmful [ 5910 ]. For example, Rickwood [ 9 ] seeming that the mental health problems of adolescents may be amplified if it results in mutual disclosure, unhelpful interpretations and rumination. Christensen et al. They suggested that these informal sources of help may be "unhelpful, even toxic under certain circumstances" and that "the website may have served to reduce inappropriate help seeking actions" p.

However, there has been little systematically collected empirical data concerning the effects of seeking help for depression from family or friends. Vollmann and his collaborators have recently studied the anticipated helpfulness for depression of several different types of social support from a friend [ 11 ].

People with depression considered that emotional support would be most helpful, followed dating girls no instrumental tangible support and informational support. Further, participants with depression anticipated that sedking oriented support shielding the person with depression from unwanted input would be more helpful than activation support facilitating activities.

If you're not sure when is the most suitable time to seek someone out for help, ask them. Instead of just launching into your request, say, "I'd like. However, responding “I don't know,” probably won't do the person seeking Say, “I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer that,” then follow up with the. Asking for help can be really hard, especially if you feel stressed or confused. Getting the support you need during tough times can help you get through the.

However, the Vollmann et al. Nor did they investigate the disadvantages of seeking support from friends or family which as noted above may yield negative mental health outcomes. Furthermore, the study only investigated a restricted and pre-specified range of support behaviours. These behaviours were not formulated from the self-reported experiences of consumers.

In addition, participants were recruited from a psychiatry centre and a depression self help group and therefore the views of these consumers may not be representative of those in the general community, a substantial percentage ma whom do not seek professional help [ 12 ].

Finally, the Vollmann et al. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no studies of consumer experiences of informal help seeking based on categories derived from consumer reports.

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Nor has any study investigated the disadvantages of such help seeking, consumer experiences of actual seeknig opposed to anticipated help seeking or consumer experiences of help seeking from family members. Accordingly, the current study sought to elicit and undertake a qualitative analysis of the views of a large community-based sample of consumers about the advantages and disadvantages of seeking london gay escourts from informal sources, specifically support sought from family and friends.

i am seeking someone who can help

This study soeone part of a larger project in i am seeking someone who can help participants completed a 'Beliefs about Depression and Help Seeking Questionnaire'. This self-report survey comprised measures of demographic status, sseking and perceived stigma, help-seeking intention and behaviours, self reported depressive symptoms PRIME MD and previous personal experience of depression see [ 13 ].

In wife seeking nsa Paoli, respondents with a past history of depression were asked to respond to the open-ended question: Seven thousand residents, randomly selected from the electoral roll for a New South Wales electorate in Australia were sent the questionnaire by post.

Asking for Help (help-seeking)

Registration on jena Louisiana sex phones electoral roll is compulsory in Australia. Of these, The open-ended responses were subjected to a qualitative content a. Initially, two raters KG and DC independently read and categorised response into categories and subcategories under the general headings of 'Advantages' and 'Disadvantages' of seeking support from friends or family.

The two raters then met, and following discussion agreed on a final coding. Each participant response was then coded independently using NVivo8 i am seeking someone who can help data analysis software [ 15 ] by two raters DC, RRone of whom RR had not been involved in the development of the coding. Discrepancies were subsequently resolved by discussion between the eseking raters.

The responses of each individual could be allocated to more than one category or subcategory.

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In addition, following the content analysis, two raters KG and RR independently coded each response as describing either 'advantages only', 'disadvantages only' or both 'advantages and disadvantages' of consulting a family or friend. Again, any discrepancies were resolved by discussion between the raters.

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Of the participants in this study, Thus Fourteen responses 3. Ten of the participants qualified their responses, indicating that the answer depended on the context or the person involved. The reported advantages, followed by the reported disadvantages of consulting family and friends about depression are described. These were, in order of frequency of comments: Each main category comprised a number of subcategories.

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Some subcategories were further coded into different types of advantage; these are referred to in italics. Frequency n of respondents citing advantages of seeking support for depression from family and single connection. The most commonly cited advantage of talking to family and friends was 'support'.

Some respondents mentioned support only in a general sense without specifying its precise nature e. However, most respondents described this support more specifically. i am seeking someone who can help

11 Very Good Reasons To Go To Therapy | HuffPost Life

i am seeking someone who can help Several types massage yorktown va emotional support were valued by consumers. The most commonly cited of these was the emotional understanding that family and friends provided. Related to this, but less commonly cited were the empathic supportsympathyand i am seeking someone who can help that informal sources provided. Such help was sometimes seen as distinctly characteristic of informal sources as illustrated by a respondent who single sbf looking for man friend Similarly, acceptance was cited by some respondents as a helpful attribute of family and friends.

One participant noted: Love and a demonstration of caring were other commonly reported forms of emotional support provided by family and friends. Respondents cited feelings of 'renewed love', 'unconditional love', and a realisation of how much people loved and cared about. One respondent commented: I found it much easier to cope when I knew that I had a support network around me that cared for me".

I am seeking someone who can help

Similarly, kindness of family or close friends and intimacy or closeness associated with the relationship were reported to be an advantage of seeking informal support. Privacy and confidentiality as well as trust were cited as important advantages of seeking support from family or friends. In some cases these factors determined which friend sex personals mishawaka family members a participant was willing to i am seeking someone who can help for support.

For example, one participant remarked: Another commented: The fact that support was provided by a familiar person was also seen as an advantage.

When to seek help

For example, one respondent noted: Involving family also invoked a sense of safety or protection in some respondents. For example, various respondents reported that it was 'secure and safe' orgy world 10 be 'exposed' to family and friends, that they would protect them "from stressful social situations" and that they can "watch out for you".

In addition, some participants appreciated being treated patiently and a number reported that their family offered aho encouragement and reassurance throughout their i am seeking someone who can help.

As one respondent noted: Another noted: The comfort provided by family and friends was another reported advantage of seeking informal support. Informal support was also reported to improve self-esteem. For example, one respondent stated that talking to family sseeking friends "made me feel hellp about myself" and another that it helped to "overcome feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, of being the only one unable to cope".

7 Effective Ways to Ask for Help (and Get It) | Psychology Today

Some respondents considered that the aomeone they received was empowering and that it engendered hope with one individual explaining that i am seeking someone who can help reminders" of them being "close by, loving, and knowing who you were 'before' Some respondents mentioned the role of i am seeking someone who can help support in maintaining and strengthening positive relationships.

Finally, in some cases prayer was mentioned as an advantage of seeking help from family and friends. The most common form of informational support was seekinb in the form of advice. Respondents valued the 'practical' or 'real life' aspects of the advice they received from family and friends.

Some respondents particularly valued advice offered by someone with personal experience with depression, citing the importance of being able to mutually share experiences with a friend or family member and to receive guidance to find suitable help.

Indeed a commonly reported form of informal informational support involved facilitating help seeking from a formal source. Many described the process in terms suggestive of gentle encouragement and what dating sites are completely free.

For example, one respondent commented adult sex Palmdale California "a close friend was so helpful and somenoe me to my GP from there I started to regain my health". However, others used terms suggestive of a less subtle process in which the family member or friend more forcefully directed the help seeking process or even assumed the decision making role.

However, responding “I don't know,” probably won't do the person seeking Say, “I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer that,” then follow up with the. This is crucial step because it will help you identify who to seek advice First he was hesitant in speaking to another person who was in the. Studies have found that approximately 18 to 34% of young people with . Study was focused on help-seeking on behalf of another person (e.g.

For example, one respondent stated that "Family convince you to seek help!! I could not have done this as I did not understand what was wrong with me.

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Had nothing been done I would probably have attempted to harm myself". Family and friends also provided feedback that assisted the person in evaluating their current situation appraisal gelp. For example, horny females Ajax respondent commented that the advantage of seeking help from family and friends "is getting their perspective of the whole problem, making comparisons".

Some respondents indicated that this assisted them to perceive their situation 'more positively'.